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Our Verified REVIEWS

Our Verified REVIEWS

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Jennifer Rochon

Under Armour Trainer

Janey Brown

Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Rebecca Reznicki

Yoga Instructor

Kaye Skromeda

Fitness Coach

Riley Beauchamp

High Performance Coach

Jennifer Rochon

Under Armour Personal Trainer

Kaye Skromeda

Fitness Coach

Janey Brown

Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Riley Beauchamp

High Performance Coach

Rebecca Reznicki

Yoga Instructor

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I've been sleeping well and feeling refreshed. I never knew CBD would have such a positive impact

CBD oil for dogs

We love this stuff!! It has helped tremendously for my pups soreness and stiffness as he gets older. Will keep purchasing!

CBD oil

I am very happy with the results

No complaints from my dog

I got the CBD oil to help my elderly dog with arthritis pain. She already takes prescription pain meds but sometimes she needs a bit more relief. This seems to help give her a bit more pep in her step on those difficult days. The unexpected benefit was that she loves the flavour and eats her whole meal right away when I add the oil to her food.

Seems to be Working

I have two 10 year old Golden Retrievers, one with arthritis issues and the other who barks if the wind changes direction. Since using the CBD oil, we’ve found that the arthritic dog is much more comfortable and active, although that could also be due to his prescribed meds. We notice much more differences in the barky fellow. He seems to be less triggered to bark than he used to be. He’ll still bark at the UPS guy or the garbage men once he’s spotted them, but it definitely takes a little more to set him off now. It’s awesome!

Sour Berry CBD Gummies
Joanne Gregoire
My Sleep Buddies!

It has been literally years and years AND years since I have gone to bed and actually felt like I have had a good sleep. Since taking the Mystic Gummies over the past month,well, I wake up during the night, turn over & back into dreamland. In the morning I wake up refreshed, renewed and....WOW can finally say....I had a great sleep!!!!!!!

CBD for Better Sleep

I have had sleep problems for years and now I am encouraged since I’ve started using the THC-Free CBD Oil Isolate. I’m falling asleep more quickly and sleeping longer and better.
So far, so good!

Works great

This does a great job for my lower back pain.


Awesome product, really helps with my fibro. Will order again

I have tried regular CBD gel pills and then switched to full spectrum oil. It was like night and day. Pleasantly surprised.

1st time

After 1 week i am starting to feel better overall

Sour gummies

These are the best tasting gummies I have tried. Very impressed with the product, although I do wish they would also come in a 30mg dose as I use them for neuropathy and that's my prescription.
Will definitely order again.

Arthritis pain in hands

I have been putting the cream on my hands at night. It seems that it is helping with the swelling and pain to some degree.

Sour Berry CBD Gummies
Lenny McCormick
Excellent product!!!!

Excellent product for eliminating pain...wonderful!!!

Improved Sleep Quality!

I purchased these for my husband who has trouble falling back asleep when he wakes in the middle of the night. He has tried many different things to address this issue. After a month with the gummies he feels that his overall sleep quality has improved and has less wake ups. Very grateful to finally find a tool to help his sleep!

Best CBD oil I have tried

I use this oil to help me sleep . I find it relaxes me enough to shut down all the thoughts racing through my head at night so I am able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night. Best product I have found yet !

Premium Full Spectrum CBD

It does appear to help me sleep better rhough the night. I also have more energy and I am more alert the following moring.

Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
Maria Luiza Linazzi Peracchi

Marvelous taste and much more effective than the ones I had before!

Love this cbd

Very happy with this cbd. Love dealing with a Canadian company too. Great service and fast delivery. I don’t deal with anyone else

Pain relief

Provides good pain relief

Very Pleased

This product has been wonderful! I have found that it helps a lot with my sleep, a bit with pain relief and my anxiety. I use a sleep tracker and have easily gone from 50-90 mins awake at night down to 20-40mins. I'm still working out the right dosage for my body and I'm sure once I get that sorted out I will notice even more pain relief from the product. It has a very mild herb taste but not off putting at all. I would highly encourage anyone who is curious about this product to give it a try! It has helped so much in the short time I've been using it. It does take some trial and error to get the right amount for your body but as long as your patient it is worth it!

Full spectrum with TCH & balm

First I will let you know that I am female, over 70.

It has now been close to 2 months since first using CBD North products. I purchased the Full Spectrum (with THC) drops, gummies and balm.

I have tried many products for my symptoms but no real success to date other than Advil and Tylenol which I still use in conjunction with CBD products, but much less than before and that makes me feel much better about using less of those products. I have had these problems for over 30 years.

My reason for trying the products were:
Highly recommended by someone I know and trust
Pain supposedly caused by Fibromyalgiia in several areas of my body along with arthritis in some areas such as hands and knees, etc.
Trouble sleeping
Stomach issues included IBS, severe bloating and acid reflux

My success to date for the above as follows:
Pain -
I take a gummy during the day if severe pain shows up do to too much activity. It does help - takes a while but the relief is noticeable and normally I would just suffer - not going near over the counter products to relieve the pain in the past. The Full Spectrum drops do help some of the time at night with the pain.

Sleep -
For me this involved a number of issues. Body aches and pain usually being one the problems I encounter when trying to sleep. Normally I have to wait at least 5-7 hours after eating a reasonable meal at night before going to bed. If I don't, acid reflux will set in, severe stomach bloating will make it impossible to stay in a prone position in bed.
The Full Spectrum CBD oil will sometimes help by alleviating the symptoms enough that I can fall asleep. Sleep comes in varying degrees - sometimes 2 hours and sometimes 8. This is not a iron clad solution for me, but it does help some of the time.
The balm rubbed on sore spots such as shoulders, hands etc. seems to provides some relief.

This product isn't for everyone, but I can say that it has helped me enough that I will most likely continue to use it.

Love it!

It has helped alleviate anxiety at bedtime and has helped me fall asleep quickly - my mind is more calm almost immediately… love it, thank you for a great product!

Brings some relief

I have lower back pain and I cannot say that the balm completely erases the problem but it does give relief for a few hours. I will order again.


My dog absolutely loves the flavour and looks forward to it twice a day. Has helped with her anxiety and sleeping through the night, she is 13.