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Our Verified REVIEWS

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Jennifer Rochon

Under Armour Trainer

Janey Brown

Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Rebecca Reznicki

Yoga Instructor

Marta Dumka

Holistic Health Coach

Kaye Skromeda

Fitness Coach

Jennifer Rochon

Under Armour Personal Trainer

Janey Brown

Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Rebecca Reznicki

Yoga Instructor


Holistic Health Coach

Kaye Skromeda

Fitness Coach

Based on 283 reviews
Oil and Balm

I have only been taking the oil for about 7 days and started off on low dose so I.m not sure if it is doing any good but remain hopeful. Even though it does not have a strong flavour I think it would be a little better if it could have a little peppermint flavour to it (may not be possible).
I initially ordered the lavender balm and then the rosewater this last order just to try. I really prefer the rosewater one. It has a milder scent. Even though I now have a new lavender and the remainder of the first one I wish I had ordered 2 rosewater ones instead of 1 and 1. I'll use both up though. Did you change the formula a little from the first time I ordered? This 2nd batch of balm feels creamier or smoother. Anyway the balm is the bomb! It works wonders. Thank you.
I'll let you know later if you're interested if the oil makes any significant difference.

Great product and even better customer service. Really impressed with this company

concerned dog owner

I have to give top rating for the customer service you provided by way of promptness and helpfulness. The big concern for me remains my dog's skin problems, which have not changed to any noticeable degree yet--if they will at all. However, I shall continue the daily regimen for some time to come, as something good may yet come of it. Once the heat and smoke we are experiencing makes exercise a viable option again, we may see improvement in his mobility at least. I bought this product as it appeared to be "close to home" ( I live in BC), and wish to support Canadian businesses.

CBD Pain Cream - Body Balm
Danick Chartrand
Work perfectly

I bought this for my wife because she have scoliosis and it work great ! She can now sleep easily.

Love the products the cream is excellent and the dogs are back to having a spring in their step

Great stuff

It just makes life so much easier. I take a gummy at night and put the oil in my morning coffee. I can stand up straight now. Thanks for caring.

Sour Berry CBD Gummies
Darrell Slinowsky

Only been taking for 10 days. 1 per day. Sleeping better and hoping for +ve anxiety relief

Great product!

This smells SO good! Great texture and it helps with achy joints.

CBD oil

I am so thankful I found this Canadian company. Although I have only been using
the CBD oil for a couple of weeks it has helped with the pain from arthritis in my hands and feet. Being a senior I was having trouble setting up my account so I emailed them for help. I can’t say enough about how helpful they were.They responded to me in a very short time and set up my account for me, thank you Kevin. Also the help in pricing for seniors on a fixed income met I felt I could try CBD oil and if it helped could use it regularly. I have put in a second order for CBD oil and also for the cream. I never do reviews but felt I had to for this product.

Cbd gummies

Taste great

Yummy gummies!

My first order of gummies. They tasted delicious… almost TOO good. I think they were the right strength and had a lovely calming and pain-relieving effect.

CBD Pain Cream - Body Balm
Deanna Makarchuk
Consistency of balm

I had used a cbd lotion prior to trying CBD North balm. I have to say I really like the balm. It stays on the skin and does not rub off as quickly as lotion. Aside from that I really believe that it helps my back. Good product and will keep using it.

Yummy Gummies!

Not only are these chewy berries delicious but they work! I take one when I can’t wind down before bed in the evening or if I’m feeling anxious. I’ll definitely be ordering more.

Excellent service. Community driven.

The full spectrum oil has helped in reducing my inflammation. The oil is palatable and easy to take because of the company's clear dosage instructions. CBD North has a clear mandate to make their oil accessible to everyone who needs it. They have my respect. An appreciative senior!


Tastes amazing! Highly recommend.

Very satisfied

Great service.

Best CBD in Canada..

I've tried a few full-spectrum and this definitely works the best I've found. Something about their formula maybe as its different. Love it for my sleep at night and anxiety in the day

It really works

I’ve really enjoyed using this product. It really worked to help my pain become more manageable.

Sour Berry CBD Gummies
Livingston Family
Stroke Anxiety Help

Help my husband with his anxiety after his stroke. Help relax & improve mood.

Great Quality Cbd !!

I purchased the full spectrum oil & had noticeable relief from pain, stress/anxiety from my very 1st dose. I'm using it daily now with great results. It's also very calming & relaxing.
Shipping is also very fast. I live in Ontario & received my order on the 3rd day.
Great product, Thank you CBD North !!!

Better sleep

Love this organic CBD, I’m sleeping much better with only a small amount before bedtime.

Great quality

Helps with my digestion. A little more pricy but a good quality product and they also provide financial assistance to those in need.

Quality product

Very pleased with this product, it's helping me get a better night's sleep. Slight problem with the order fulfillment, but CBDNorth fixed it very promptly! Thanks.

Good Product

I like the product very much and now use it in the morning and full spectrum at night. It’s working well for arthritis pain relief daytime and sleep at night.

Best CBD I have had

Very good for relaxation and before bed. My favourite cbd to date.